One more Mokoro & Back to the Tour

After breakfast there’s an extended nature walk while the crew strikes camp. We’re all a bit more alert this time after the hyenas barking and lions roaring in the night. But they’re probably sleeping by now, right?

So many species of antelope…
They call them Gnus here, wildebeest up north
Fish Eagle
I had assumed it was a permanent camp, at least in season. But they hauled out every tent, tool, chair, and cooler of food – the same way they hauled it all in – in the mokoros

The return Mokoro ride is even more beautiful if possible, and the Land Rover ride even more rough.

Home to a reserved room at the Sedia which turns out to be THIS with an extra bedroom upstairs. Karma I guess – I missed out on my reserved room last rest day.

This is my “room”
Yes, same laundry, finally dry. Until it rained…

I offered out the extra room but everyone declined, tents already up. In the morning after sleeping soundly in the most comfortable bed since home, I discovered when I went out to gather up my clean dry laundry that it was pelting down rain

Some campers even had to up stakes and move, as rivers of water flowed through their tents. Never pass up a free room in favor of a tent

7 thoughts on “One more Mokoro & Back to the Tour

  1. Great pictures of the Mokoro trip! I’d like to download some, are they posted anywhere that I can do that? I have just a few good ones of the same trip. Not sure where I should put them.


    1. Hey Bill! I thought you could download them from the blog, no? Maybe not … I posted the best ones to the WhatsApp thread (Tour D’Afrique) because that’s the only place anyone else has put them. It’s not great because it compresses the files like all social media, but that’s what we have. I kept suggesting we use Dropbox or google photos but .. anyway look at the WhatsApp thread and you’ll find mine and some others too. Good to hear from you!


      1. I’m not on the WhatsApp thread, probably because I didn’t have my phone during the trip..? I don’t know if you can request to add me; or I can try to contact TDA.


          1. 760-419-1625. BTW thank you very much for doing this, good to hear from you. I hope you’re doing well, are you back in Canada?


            1. I think it’s done, you will get an invite you have to reply to… Yes, back home from Windhoek. TDA removed me from the tour – I don’t know what happened because it was very premature. I didn’t yet have a diagnosis and as it turned out I was fine after a few days, likely a virus. In any case, disappointing but insurance covered it all and flew me home business class. All good now.


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