A Night in the Delta

We disembark on dry land, find a clearing in the forest with tents set up, and set out on a sunset Nature Walk with our guides, Dolphin and Light

As the sun lowers into the pink, the African skies deliver… spreading intense color across the universe, perfectly mirrored in the still delta

Awning covered White tablecloths on one side, local guides cooking our dinner over a wood fire right next to it.

We are 7 plus our guide, the perfect number for a lively conversation over wine and dinner that lasts late (for us) into the night.

I’m always surprised how deeply intimate conversations become on tour, sometimes instantly. A little wine and ‘how are you’ turns into a fascinating uncensored life story. Two of my companions spill it all, or at least a lot, before we’re off to bed.

Jill and I share a safari tent with mattresses and bedding. When those sunset clouds open up just before dinner we all run to bring down the fly over the screen door. Unfortunately we don’t realize there’s another screen on the side. Jill’s bed is wet, although it seems to be superficial and we both fall asleep. In the middle of the night she wakes up and her bedding is soaked through.

I assess… I have a silk sleeping bag liner, and my camp pillow. Her mattress is only wet on top and my bedding is dry. “Take all that wet off, flip over the mattress, and take my bedding – I’m ok with the liner”. She’s back to sleep in minutes while I’m wondering how much colder it’ll get… by tucking the silk around me strategically and rolling myself up, I’m able to stay warmish and go back to sleep as well. All part of the adventure….

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