Matopi to Maun – edge of the Okavango Delta

Up at 430 and out to the road to pee.. only place without a tent in sight. But headlights, so I wait. The roads are so flat and long that it takes 10 minutes for the vehicle to go by, and I can finally pee😂. On the bike it’s so flat you can see the curvature of the earth, and something you think is five minutes away might take 30 minutes to reach.

I should mention we’re past the elephants now, and the lions. Botswana is mostly one big protected park now, which is why the loose elephants on the road. But in the past couple of days the long grass was replaced with agriculture and the only animals are cattle, like this herd interrupting Rider Meeting, and donkeys.

We often pass men on horseback or on donkeys, Botswanan cowboys if I had to guess. The ubiquitous donkey cart

Since I’m up so early, use the extra time to pull together the items I’ll need for Mokoro tour. On the road, a bit shaky but ok .. overcast and relative cool make it a more comfortable day, but still, after 45 I tell Aleena I need Tallis or Errol to come back for me. No way I’m going to miss out on the delta making myself sick for a ride. I take the truck to the hotel, which is beautiful with extensive shady grounds including our campsite.

It takes some running around to shower, get both bags out, leave the bike in another riders safekeeping, beg for small spot on the truck for my bar bag and bike accessories, pull and reorganize what I need for the tour – which leaves an hour after I arrive, get back to reception … and wait .

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