Turn Left at the Aardvark – 105 kms

“Turn left at the Aardvark “ for another beautiful resort camp, and I have a reservation for two nights and a rest day! I arrive at checkin dripping sweat and exhaustion, only to find three of us with prepaid confirmed reservations will not sleep in a bed tonight.

He offers me an hour of Wi-Fi as compensation. Really? A whole hour huh? You sold me a room, with Wi-Fi – and I don’t even get the Wi-Fi? “The room comes with 30 minutes only, so this is a gift.” You can’t advertise rooms with free Wi-Fi if they only come with 30 minutes!

Not a room

Nonetheless, the property is gorgeous, arranged as promised around an ancient Baobob

The pool has cabanas, which I settle into for the afternoon

This is the first opportunity to gather at night and celebrate, without “work” waiting at 545am. It evolves into a long soft evening of wine and conversation. Great catching up with Tallis, sharing a nice pinotage in that brief relaxed time.

Tait, Tallis, Errol, and Kenny


some ride up the road to visit a village but I know how fast a rest day evaporates and hang at camp with most of the riders. It is idyllic and I drift from pool to bar to work and back…

There’s always a lot of reorganization on rest day, and rider meeting and dinner start right after delivering the permanent bag, my far too heavy bag, to the truck at 515pm. Collect my laundry drying in the bushes (remember that laundry, it will have a story too), sort and organize the bags – hopefully the shade has found my little camp…

And just like that a rest day is done

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