Elephant Sands to Nata

Dawn at Elephant Sands

Only 65 kms today into Nata!

I choose a spot for my tent right beside the truck – less hauling of bags that way

In camp I clean the bike, make a few adjustments, and have Kenny move my handlebar up a fraction to help my aching neck.

Doc Aleena gives me two tiger balm neck massages to begin and end the day, and tapes me up at breakfast.

Dinner is at 515, and by 7 or 8 everyone’s in their tent…

And just like that the day is done.

2 thoughts on “Elephant Sands to Nata

  1. 65kms seem like a slack day compared to the rest but wait its still 65k!!! and on a dirt track it seems…Uphill!
    Looks like you are miles from anyone but the rider in front, hoping your neck is holding up to the dirt track.


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