Livingston to Kasane – 82 kms & Chobe River Sunset Cruise

First breakfast off the big truck in the rain, first Rider Meeting before dawn.. And we’re off!

Everyone is wired up – these tours are planned and prepared for years. Everyone jumps out fast, rain like water off a duck, everyone too excited to care

On the outskirts of town I hear “Karen!”. It’s Kadila! He’s trudging to work in the downpour but I’d recognize his thousand watt smile anywhere. “Kadila! Good Morning! Good Bye my friend!

Crossing into Botswana it’s already stopped raining. The brand new modern bridge from one country to the other marks the boundary where four countries meet – Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana and Namibia. The border crossing itself happens in a completely empty but very new and impressive building the size of an airplane hanger. I walk in with Bertie and we are the only customers, although both sides are lined with clerks at windows representing Zambia and Botswana. Quick and painless, very unlike any African border I’ve ever been through.

The truckers on the highway to Kasane keep us on our toes… huge long triple trailers screaming by us on our narrow shoulder. This is supposed to be the start of the Elephant Highway, but not even a pile of poop! In any case, all the little ducks make it safely to our muddy camp.

There’s a reason to ignore the mud, a pre-dinner Chobe River Cruise…

Water Monitor
Fish Eagle, national bird of three nations
Water Buffalo

I had booked a room, lucky as it turns out. While I sit in the lobby after dinner looking for some Wi-Fi jujuu, Jill straggles in dripping wet with her bike, utterly dejected. She got her camp all set up only to be washed out while cruising. But Katie has offered a bed in her room and this will all be forgotten in the morning. This is how tour friendships begin.

And that was Day 1

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