Web Desert….

I’m here, I’m fine, but blogging has been impossible. Especially with photos or videos unfortunately.

Roaming occasionally works if the local network is strong enough. Wi-Fi is advertised at every camp or hotel, but is an exercise in futility, every time. And I just don’t have time for that !

So here I am in a cabana by a pool in Botswana. Its a “rest day“, so I’ve hand washed a weeks laundry and strung it out by the tent. I’ve retrieved my permanent bag from the truck – oh look! Different clothes! I’ve booked a couple of hotel rooms down the road – which took a wee bit of time given the state of the internet. I’ve started to reorganize my overpacked Day and Permanent bags – but I need that! I had a full breakfast which arrived one fork or cup at a time.

By 515 I think it is we show up at the truck for rider meeting, pack our reorganized bags to the truck and have dinner. Early to bed! One night I woke up from a sound sleep to discover it was 830pm 😂

I swear it’s all coming… sleeping under the truck, Mokoro tour into the delta, heat stroke, the day they gave me a mansion instead of a room, and so MANY elephants ! Watch this space …

One thought on “Web Desert….

  1. So glad you are doing well !
    On the one hand we miss hearing from you, on the other enjoy your break from the internet, we can all use one from time to time!
    Happy Trails !!!


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